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Modern Goetia

About Goetia

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Goetia, as stated on the first page of this site, is that magick which concerns itself with demonic powers. As such Goetia may be considered to be a form of Black Magick. However, whereas the practice of black magick carries connotations of malignant and unenlightened intent on the part of the practitioner of the art as well as the occult forces summoned and controlled by the art, the practice of Goetia does not. Indeed the most famous practitioner of the Goetic art was King Solomen, who was famed for being fair and wise.
In Goetic Magick daemonic forces are not worshipped or obeyed by the practitioner of the art, and neither does this practitioner in any manner align himeself or define his will and identity according to some conception of absolute evil. But rather, the daemonic forces are bound to the will of the practitioner of the arts himself and their power constrained to perform works that are constructive and good, as it is willed by the practitioner of the art. It is also true that demonic forces gain there power upon us through our own ignorance of their nature, and through magical working involving demoic forces we are able to free ourselves from their slavery.
So, having defined the generalities of the term Goetia itself, it only remains for me to express my reasons and intentions in dedicating this webiste to the formulation of a new kind of magickal art which I have termed, simply, 'modern Goetia'.
Goetia, as is the case for the majority of magickal disciplines, is an extremely ancient art. But where it differs from these other arts is that over the past century the practices of magick have evolved greatly, and in this change Goetia has been left behind. Modern magick has lost much of its religious baggage and gained equally in its philosophical underpinnings; as ritual magcians have learned from witchcraft and shamanism long complex rituals which obscure and hard to find paraphenalia and strict rules about auspicious dates and times ahve given way to a more fluid immediate and direct art. But through these changes Goetia, rather than beiong born along upon the tide, has rather been preserved exactly as it was. Perhaps this is a testament to its efficacy, or to the fact that many ancient texts have surived, which is not always the case; and perhaps it is due to the reputation of Solomen himself, that the modern practitioner would wish to repeat the rituals as they wer performed by the king himself. In any case, I beleive that this situation has led to many modern magi overlooking Goetia in their practice, and neglected it in the intellectual revival that has accompanied other magickal arts.
It is for these reasons, and because I beleive that Goetia is a powerful art whose practices are consistent with modern philosophies, that I shall attempt to drag this ancient beauty into the cold light of the 21st century.

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